Carrie Wilson fired as a spokesmodel for The Fresh Diet

Nov 30, 2010 at 4:32 p.m. ET

Carnie Wilson was fired from her gig with The Fresh Diet after she was caught promoting her own line of cheesecakes, a big no-no. What does she have to say about it?

Carnie Wilson fired from The Fresh Diet for conflict of interest

Singer Carnie Wilson was just fired from her spokeswoman gig with The Fresh Diet after the company found out she was hawking her own line of cheesecakes at the same time.

Conflict of interest, much?

Carnie Wilson's weight issues

The Wilson Phillips singer is now more famous for her highly-publicized weight battle than her music career. She famously broadcasted her 1999 gastric bypass surgery online and lost 150 lbs. off her 300 lb. frame before gaining some of it back from her pregnancies with daughters Lola and Luciana.

Wilson even starred in her own reality show, Carnie Wilson: Unstapled, that chronicled her weight-loss journey.

The Fresh Diet + Cheesecakes = Recipe for Disaster

Wilson signed up to rep The Fresh Diet back in February and pledged to follow the plan's regimen of three small meals and two snacks per day. The company cut ties with her after finding out about her cheesecake line and because she only lost 19 lbs. on their plan.

"We had to take her off the corporate website because she has not been a successful case. She didn't stick to it, and she didn't lose weight. We had to cut ties with her," Ezzy Duchman, publicist for The Fresh Diet, told Star Magazine.

"Carnie was promoting her cheesecakes while she was supposed to be only eating our three meals and two snacks a day."

Wilson maintains that she quick her post, but that's what celebs always say in order to save face. She's definitely struggled with losing weight over the years and it looks like it continues to this day. Hopefully she'll find a way to find a happy body weight and be truly happy in her own skin – for her daughters' sake, if not for her own.

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