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3 Things we can learn from Eva Longoria and Tony Parker’s divorce

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker had a fairy tale wedding that ended in divorce with allegations of sexting and cheating. What can we learn from the demise of this celebrity power couple? Read on to find out.

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker


Long distance relationships are tough

We all know that long distance relationships aren’t easy, but committed couples can survive them on the short term. However, there comes a point in your relationship or marriage where you should be going to sleep in the same bed with your husband at least 90 percent of the time. For Eva and Tony, they had very business schedules between Desperate Housewives and NBA basketball. And though they had the money for private jets and cross country trips on a whim, they still ended up spending a lot of time apart.


To some men, no woman is off limits

You expect that your husband would never look at his friend’s wife. But as Tony Parker (allegedly) showed us, that’s not necessarily true. Parker apparently was sexting with his former teammate’s wife, Erin Barry (wife of Brent Barry) for several months.


A little snooping can be a good thing

Tony supposedly had a password-protected program on his computer where he saved hundreds of text messages. As the story goes, he left his computer without closing out the program and that’s when Eva discovered the sexy messages. Though a wife shouldn’t become paranoid or always be going through her husband’s things, it’s good to keep your eyes open. If there’s something unusual on his computer or cell phone, it doesn’t hurt to ask him about it. Just be prepared for the worst.

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