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5 Lies women tell men

Everyone tells little white lies every once in a while, particularly when a relationship is just getting started. Here are the top five lies women tell men.


Lying woman“I have slept with five guys.”

No woman wants to seem like a slut, so they fudge a little bit about their sex number.

“My husband has no idea how many men I slept with before I was married,” says Lydia, a 28-year-old New Yorker. “I told him five, but you really need to add a number before that five. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.”

Well it could hurt him, if Lydia hasn’t been tested for STDs, but Lydia assures us that she has that covered.


“It’s not you, it’s me.”

Both genders use this little lie to get out of a relationship. Though it could be true, most of the time there is something about you (a least in her eyes) that is causing your partner to want to escape the relationship.


“I weigh 125 pounds.”

Most women are uncomfortable about their weight. They don’t lie to deceive you. They lie because they want to weight less. This is a lie of insecurity; she’s not trying to be deceitful.


“Nothing’s wrong. I’m fine.”

When a woman is silent or moody and a man asks what’s wrong, she often answers with “Nothing’s wrong. I’m fine.”

Men beware — there’s something wrong. It might not have to do with you at all. It could be work-related. She could be stressed about the kids. If your girlfriend or wife is normally chatty and is now giving you the silent treatment, something is wrong.

“This is a big difference in men and women,” says Joel, a 32-year-old from Dallas. “If my girl is bugging me — I tell her. If I’m pissed and it has nothing to do with her, I tell her that too. But with women, it’s sometimes a guessing game.”


“I don’t mind if you go out with guys.”

Yes, she minds. It drives her crazy. Many women will spend the whole time their significant other is out worrying whether he’s cheating on her. If your girlfriend is concerned when you go out with your boys, reassure her that there’s no funny business going on and encourage her to have a girls’ night out.

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