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What’s new in weddings for 2011

From lighting to decor and dresses to flowers, Carolyn Garcia of talked to us about a number of hot wedding trends for 2011. As you’ll see, many of the trends are stepping away from the traditional.

Red wedding shoes

Date and time

  • Off-season wedding dates (January, March, April, November, December wedding dates)
  • Friday and Sunday (day and evening) weddings
  • Changes in the traditional timeline – bride and groom being entered into the reception and going straight into their first dance together (instead of waiting to dance until after dinner)

Color and style

  • Brides wearing colored wedding shoes instead of the traditional white shoes
  • Sashes and dual color bridesmaids dresses
  • One shoulder dresses and side chignon hair styles
  • Animal fusion – feathers (peacock/ostrich) in décor/centerpieces/bouquets; animal (zebra) print incorporated into decor
  • The new 2011 color: Slate

Unique touches

  • Jewels and other “significant” items in brides’ bouquets (i.e. a hummingbird floating atop the bride’s bouquet in honor of her late grandfather who LOVED watching hummingbirds drink from flowers outside his window)
  • Monograms; initials (crystallized) cake toppers
  • Uplighting, monograms/designs cast across the event space wall or dance floor
  • Chandeliers!
  • “End of night” appetizers (i.e. Kobe beef sliders,  french fries, cookies and milk, etc.)

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