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5 Ways to make him feel special

Women love compliments but men need some ego stroking too. Here are some simple things you can do to make your man feel special.


1Flirt with him in public

Show him that you are still attracted to him by flirting with him in public. If you are at a party, a bar or just hanging out with friends, flirt with him like you did when you first met.

2Tell him how sexy he is

Instead of complaining that he didn’t iron his shirt or take out the trash, tell him how sexy he is. Bring compliments into your daily routine to always let him know how attracted you are to him and how much you appreciate everything he does.

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3Give him a blow job

…and expect nothing in return. Many women don’t like giving blow jobs. That said, you’d have a hard time finding a man who doesn’t love getting one. Give him an unexpected blow job (for example, early in the morning before work) and don’t expect or demand anything in return. Do it like you love it, even if you don’t.

4Act jealous now and again

No matter how secure you are in your relationship, you should act jealous every once in awhile. Don’t get crazy but just show a little jealousy, even if you are not, to make him feel special.

5Put the toilet seat up

Women spend a lot of time complaining that their mate should leave the toilet seat down. Every now and again after you use the toilet, put the seat up for him.

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