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4 Ways to save a failing relationship

When couples first start dating, everything is exciting and new. After a while, we start to notice things that annoy us and as the relationship wears on, nagging can set in. Before you know it, you can forget what attracted you to your mate in the first place. If you feel your relationship is failing (and want to save it), try these four ways to get it back on track.


Happy coupleStart with a compliment

When you see your partner, the first thing that you should say is a compliment. No matter how much you want to nag or complain, start the conversation with a compliment. At first it will seem forced, but this will help you renew your attraction.


Enjoy the power of touch

The power of touch isn’t necessarily sexual but it’s definitely affectionate. When you are sitting in the car together, place your hand on his knee. When you are standing in the line at the grocery store, reach to hold his hand. When you wake up in the morning, give him a kiss on the neck or back before giving out of bed. The power of touch can help you reconnect with your partner.


Schedule date night

If you spend most of your time just hanging out at home or just don’t spend enough time together, schedule date night with your mate. Put it on your calendar and treat it like any other appointment. Don’t back out unless there is a true emergency.


Lighten up

Don’t take every comment your boyfriend makes as an insult. And don’t take every bump in the road as a major crisis. Lighten up and don’t always be so serious. Maybe the reason there is so much tension in your relationship is because you both are making it that way. Learn to laugh again and don’t be afraid to make fun of yourself.

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