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3 Activities to help you unearth your ideal relationship

It is said that you deserve what you accept, so you should only accept what you deserve. To figure out what that is in the “L” department, try visualizing it. Creating your ideal relationship through words and pictures can help you develop standards, once and for all, against which you can measure future prospects. Here are three exercises to get you started.

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Get 3 steps closer to love with these 3 activities!

1Look into love.

This first exercise is a holistic look at love. Your goal is to create a collage showcasing how you want love to look, feel, taste, smell and sound in your life. Don’t create what you have had; create what you want.


  • posterboard
  • glue stick
  • scissors
  • magazines
  • (and any other crafty item you want to include)

What to do: Scan favorite magazines and cut out inspiring photos and words. Glue them onto the posterboard, overlapping them for an interesting look. Keep clipping and gluing until your entire board is filled with love inspiration!

2Trait tree

This exercise focuses on the traits your ideal partner would have, as well as traits that make you most dateable.


  • 10 index cards
  • hole puncher
  • yarn
  • markers

What to do:  Punch a hole at the tops and bottoms of eight index cards. On the remaining two, punch just one hole on each. On each card, write down a desirable characteristic in a partner on one side; on the other, write something about yourself that makes you a great catch. Use one color for you and one for your future mate. When you are finished, string all of the cards together with the yarn, leaving a loop at the top for easy hanging.

3Future feel

This exercise concentrates on what a healthy relationship should feel like to you. Thinking back on relationships past, jot down what made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and what didn’t. Think small, large and everything in between, but remember to focus on the feelings that resulted from actions and experiences.

Supplies: colored construction paper

  • markers
  • scissors
  • pipe cleaners
  • vase

What to do: Pinch the center of a piece of construction paper into a flower-like shape. Wrap a pipe cleaner around the pinched portion to create a stem. On each flower petals, write down one feeling that you desire in a future relationship, such as adoration, security, interdependence, etc. Continue with as many flowers as it takes to complete your list. When done, trim flowers as you like and put into your vase.

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