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3 Classic wedding trends return

If you are planning your wedding, you’ll find many classic wedding trends have returned to style once again. Check out these three timeless wedding trends, popular again for 2011.

Bride and groom at wedding reception


Return to classic venues

Country club wedding

In recent years a dominant trend was the more relaxed wedding venue. However Nancy Aucone, co-founder of The Wedding Salon of Manhasset says things are becoming more formal once again. “Brides are going back to classic city hotels like the Plaza, the Pierre and the Helmsley Palace. They are also choosing country clubs and private clubs for their privacy and exclusivity. Renting private estates and mansions for the wedding location, as Chelsea Clinton did, is also a trend.”

2Say goodbye to the strapless dress

“More brides are looking for weddings gowns with subtle sleeves or a sexy shoulder strap,” say the experts from Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa. “These kinds of special details can make a gown feel more personal. Texture is also big for 2011, everything from ruffles to layers to lace. It’s all about the dimension!”

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3Say hello to a vintage gown

Looking for something old? Make it your gown. “Try vintage dress shops for the bridal gowns and/or bridesmaid dresses,” says Laura Ursin, wedding consultant for Brides On A Budget. “Then incorporate the vintage theme into the rest of the wedding with simple, softer flowers and signature old-time cocktails. An Old Fashioned anyone?”

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3 Not-so-classic wedding facts

Apparently wedding season is a real turn-on for some folks. In a recent poll by Wet, nearly half of respondents (41%) admitted that being at a wedding gets their shag-o-meter going.

What we learned:

  • 60% of respondents said they would rather go alone to a wedding and try to meet someone than bring a date.
  • 31% of respondents confessed that they’re more likely to have a one night stand at a wedding than on any other night.
  • 35% of respondents disclosed that they have left a wedding early to hook up.


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