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7 Ways to show your boyfriend some appreciation

It’s Boyfriend Appreciation Month! Let’s show some appreciation, for cryin’ out loud! Here are seven things you can do that are cheap, easy and fun to show your boyfriend, husband, luvah, significant other, life partner, golf buddy (?) that you appreciate him!

Couple on fall walk

1Handwrite a note.

Say all the things you like about him and stick it in his briefcase, jacket or knapsack. Unless you’re in a fight with him (“What do you like about me?”), no self-respecting boyfriend is gonna ask you to name all the things you love about him. That’s up to us to do of our own volition, and it’s what makes us super-cool-good girlfriends. And, ladies:  Things that we may think are obvious to him still need to be said.

2Make him dinner one night during the week.

I love to cook (but have no time right now because I’m writing this), and I always try to do Sunday dinner. One night. Can’t cook? Order in, light some candles, open a bottle of wine, set the table, dump the take-out on some plates and you win. It’s the effort and the ritual that count.

3Make eye contact.

When you come home from the end of a long, filthy, grueling day, put everything down and go make five minutes of meaningful eye contact. Maybe kiss him on the lips while you’re at it. At first he might be like, “What’s wrong?” But it’s a nice way of connecting at the end of the day before you park it in front of the TV or go back to checking your blackberry, etc.

4Draw a bath for him — & not in a coloring book!

He’s a shower guy? So what! Fill up a tub and put him in it, making up some fake medical fact about how great it is for him. Or give him a real medical fact about how detoxifying baths are. Or, worst case scenario: Get in the tub with him. A bath is so relaxing and sexy, and it’s a nice surprise for your dude.

5Go for a walk together.

I love taking walks with my guy. It slows you both down and allows you to connect and talk. Plus, it’s good for your heart. So go for a walk, hold hands, stop and smell the roses (or the falafel, depending on where you live). If you don’t live in a walk-friendly area, then drive to one. And just… walk.

6Ask what he wants to do, and go do it.

This may be an obvious way to show your appreciation, but it never gets old. It’s so rare that we as adults get to do whatever we want! We spend all day being grownups. Tonight, indulge him and go see his movie.

7corny alert: Make a coupon book for massages.

Make up a coupon book and give it to your partner. He can select any coupon any time and get that massage. Foot massage, hand massage, shoulder rub — get as sexy as you want! He’ll love waving that coupon around.What you said

I’m sure there are so many of you out there with much better ideas than mine, so let’s hear ’em, ladies! In the meantime: Bathe your dude in the love he deserves. And gentlemen,  grab your towels: You’re about to take a love bath!

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