What we love about our guys

One of the things that inspired me to make Boyfriend was that my boyfriend and I had broken up and I was missing everything about him, particularly his scent….yes, ladies there are a thousand different jokes here that we could all make, but you know what I’m talking about.

Couple on couch

What we love

It’s that warm, nuzzly, “something other” fabulous pheromone thing that happens whether he’s wearing cologne or not, and makes you wanna wear his sweatshirt, sleep in his oxford, cinch a belt around his levi’s and wear those too… anything to be closer to him, to that “other,” that essence that is not us.

Smells & memories

And olfactive memory is so incredibly powerful. One note of a scent can trigger a thousand memories. We’ve all experienced that feeling of smelling chocolate chip cookies baking and you’re suddenly 7 years old in the kitchen of that house on Incline Way with your mom waiting for the timer to ding. Or a guy walks by wearing Polo and I’m back to 1985 in Tucson, Arizona at the Friday night football game.

A little movie plays in our heads with each respective olfactive memory and that’s what I love about fragrance. So I went off and tried to create that, or re-create that feeling, and really bring back all those delicious memories to keep me company and pay homage to the Boyfriend. As if to say, “hey fellas, here’s some of the things we love about you.”

And here are some more…

  • That certain je ne sais quoi that makes you stare longingly into his eyes across the table as he inhales his cheeseburger, (and-we-would-never-exhibit-those-kind-of-table-manners-and-it-will-drive-us-crazy-eventually-but-in-this-moment-it’s-completely-magical)
  • His myopic focus when attacking a project, while we women move circuitously through our life multi-tasking away and probably driving him a little bit crazy.
  • It’s his ability and sheer desire to fix stuff when I can’t or just don’t feel like it… call me a sexist, but I really enjoy handing over any electronics manual to my guy.
  • It’s hearing “everything’s gonna be okay” and choosing to believe him because he’s bigger than the voice in my head that’s perpetually worrying.
  • It’s hearing him laugh. I f’ing love that.
  • I love that he’s better at Scrabble than me and actually fell asleep on the plane once waiting for me to finish my turn.
  • I love everything that he does that I cannot do, like hold his breath under water for a really long time.
  • I tend to enjoy meaningful eye contact (aka the “soul stare”) from him
  • Watching ‘dual survival’ with him on Sunday mornings… oh yeah, it’s pretty addictive…
  • His smell.


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