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4 Things men want on the first date

Women spend hours getting ready for a first date, trying to figure out what to wear and what to say. To help you out, we talked to several men who are actively dating to find out what they really want from a woman on the first date.

Couple on first date

1Sassy, smart banter

On a first date, men want to get to know you, but they don’t want the traditional (boring) rundown about your life. They’d rather hear a little bit of sass, sarcasm and humor from you. Show your intelligence and your wit, rather than talking about where you went to college and how much you hate your boss.

2Subtle touches

If you’re attracted to him, touch him. We aren’t talking about groping or making out, but lean in and touch him when you’re talking. Placing your hand on his shoulder or his knee will let him know you’re interested. Conversely, if you aren’t interested, let your body language show it. Cross your arms or lean away while he’s talking. He’ll get the hint.

3Anything red

Red is often associated with love and romance, and many men are more attracted to (and more likely to ask out) women who wear red. You don’t need to drape yourself from head to toe in red — just add red accessories like a glossy red patent bag, red strappy heels and of course, glossy red lipstick.

4Organic scents

Don’t wear a heavy perfume — most men hate that. But according to Chicago’s Smell and Taste Treatment & Research Foundation, men love organic scents like lavender and pumpkin. Use body wash, lotion and shampoo in these fragrances.

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