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3 Easy ways to recapture the magic in your marriage

Have you lost that magic feeling with your spouse? After a number of years of marriage, you may have gotten so comfortable together that you lost that spark that brought you together, or your life may be so demanding that you have no time to connect. Don’t give up on your marriage or settle for the mundane, instead recapture the magic with these simple tips.

Couple shower1Take your morning shower together

Since you both have to shower anyway, hop in together. It’s the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your mate. Even if it doesn’t lead to steamy sex (after all, you have to get ready for work), just the experience of being together — wet and naked — may jumpstart your passion for your partner again.

2Plan a romantic getaway

It doesn’t have to be for a week or even a weekend. Just a night away from home in a romantic setting can help bring back the magic. Pick a place that brings back memories of the two of you together and try to rekindle your passion from the past.

3Try some new moves in the bedroom

Get the fire going by mixing things up in the bedroom. Married couples often fall into a sex routine. If you are tired of the same old moves, he probably is too. Surprise him with a new position or talk to him about your sexual fantasies and then act them out.

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