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Dos and don’ts of texting your mate

Recently, a friend of mine dumped his girlfriend via text message. If they were dating for a couple weeks, you might find it an acceptable way to break the news. However, they were dating for two years! That leads me to our first texting don’t…

TextingDon’t text to break up

Using text message or email to break up is cowardly and rude. Have enough respect for your partner to break up in person, or at the very least by telephone.

Don’t text when you are drunk

Drunk-texting can lead to disaster. You’ll end up typing things that you don’t mean, which may hurt, anger or embarrass your mate.

Don’t be a tease

Many people find it easier to be bold and assertive via text or IM. It’s okay to flirt by text, but don’t get carried away. You may raise someone’s expectations only to later disappoint him/her.

Do read your text message before sending it

Don’t rely on your cell phone to auto-correct your words as you text. Most phones try to predict what you are typing, but they can get words wrong…way wrong. The website is devoted to collecting these funny (and sometimes disastrous) autocorrect stories.

Do text “thinking of you” messages

Send your partner periodic text messages to let him know you are thinking of him. These texts are short, thoughtful and don’t require a response.

Do text if you are dating long distance

If you have unlimited text messages, it’s a fantastic way to keep in touch if you are dating long distance. The instant communication of texting is a terrific method to stay connected with your partner throughout the day.

Do text to say you are going to be late

Send a courtesy text message to say you are going to be late. However, don’t do it will driving. Texting while driving has led to incredible number of auto accidents. Stay safe while texting!

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