Dara Torres on diet, fitness and healthy living

Dara Torres is one busy lady. She’s the fastest female swimmer in American history and has won a total of 12 Olympic medals (not to mention dozens of other awards over her career). She’s also a mom, television commentator, print model and writer. Which got SheKnows.com to wondering: How does she do it all, plus maintain a healthy, balanced diet and active lifestyle? Here’s what we found out.

Dana TorresSheKnows.com: How do you stay healthy?

Dara Torres: I believe that staying healthy is a two-part effort: I make sure to make the most of my workouts and give my body time to recover, and also make sure what I put in my body is healthy, all-natural and guaranteed to help me stay strong during my training. That’s why I started using SUSTA: I wanted to sweeten my foods and drinks naturally, without the chemicals of artificial sweeteners or the dangers of excess sugars. SUSTA is a great way to cut out the extra sugar in my diet and also provides me with vitamins, minerals and probiotics — important things that helps keep me healthy.

SheKnows.com: What are the five things you do every day to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Dara Torres: I spend part of each day working out in the pool, which is a great way to stay healthy. I also make sure to eat plenty of protein and vegetables, stretch after I swim, give my body plenty of time to recover — and spend plenty of time with my daughter, which always makes me smile and relaxes me!

SheKnows.com: If you fall off the healthy living wagon, how do you get back on?

Dara Torres: I definitely have my ups and downs — that’s just human nature, but I always try to persevere and stay focused on what’s best for me and my daughter. I think setting goals is an important part of staying on track — whether it’s a big race or the goal of being a healthy role model.

SheKnows: What are the biggest healthcare concerns facing Americans today?

Dara Torres: With the epidemic of childhood obesity and the increasing body-fat percentage of all Americans, obesity is definitely one of the biggest healthcare concerns facing Americans today. I hope that in partnering with SUSTA, I’m doing my part to let Americans know about new ways to remove excess sugars from their diets.

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