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Weight-loss tips: How to find your inner skinny

For most of her life, Lori Wengle battled with her weight. And though she’s finally found her skinny (a.k.a. her best weight), she says the physical change (she lost 107 pounds eight years ago) didn’t happen until she made a mental one. Now a personal trainer and author of Fat Princess No More, the 133-pound weight loss phenom is sharing her tips on how we can all get over that mental hurdle to be the fittest, healthiest person possible.

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There’s no question that most people like to focus on numbers, as in the number of pounds they need to lose in order to feel better. However, Wengle took a different approach.

She explains: “For me, it wasn’t about a number on the scale; it was that feeling of fitness and strength. Many times Americans either live in excess, eating too much or not eating enough and looking too skinny. The truth is neither of these types of people actually feel good. They are focused on the image in the mirror. I want people to realize that it’s not about how you look, but rather finding that feeling of fitness. When you’re fit, you just feel good, and it may have less to do with the number on the scale than it does in the feeling in your heart.”

Wengle’s weight loss tips for finding your inner skinny

1Change your weight loss perspective

It’s not a number on the scale. A recent study found women who worked out but were heavier, were far more healthy than their skinny counterparts who didn’t work out. If people eat healthy, exercise, perform cardio and live their lives, the weight will come off. They may never weigh 120 pounds, but they will find the right weight for them.

2Don’t fall for weight loss schemes

If you lose one to two pounds a week, that’s extreme weight loss. A lot of companies pushing pills and powders and expensive equipment may say otherwise, but just about any doctor will tell you differently. The quick weight loss schemes don’t take into consideration that losing the weight is only one goal — keeping it off is the ultimate result you want. Working at a pace of one to two pounds per week enables your body to adjust to healthier habits and you’ll have a far better chance of keeping the weight off once you lose it.

3Weight training is key to keep weight off

Resistance or weight training will sculpt your body, tighten certain areas and make cellulite less noticeable or help it disappear completely. For every pound of fat in your body, you can only burn one calorie when your body is at rest. One pound of muscle developed through weight training will burn 35 calories per day when your body is at rest. Moreover, you will continue to burn calories for up to 72 hours after weight training. That’s how your body changes shape.

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