4 Ways to find peace with your single status

Divorce and breakups can be brutal. When you find yourself without a significant other, it can be difficult to accept you are single again. Learn to cope, be happy and find peace with your single status.

Single woman

1Don’t play the blame game

Don’t blame him. Don’t blame God, Karma or anything else. And please, don’t blame yourself. The reality is that you are single now. Wasting energy on spite and blame won’t do you any good.

1Don’t be a man-hater

Pay attention to how you feel about the men in your life. Is your tone always negative with your male boss? Do you avoid developing friendships with men? When you talk about guys to your girlfriends do you bash the entire gender? Don’t allow yourself to become a man hater just because you don’t have a man in your life.

1Get out of the house

Spending too much time alone perpetuates negative thoughts. Find peace with your newly found singlehood by going out by yourself. Head to a museum. Spend the afternoon at the park. Go alone to dinner or the movies. The more comfortable you become with going out alone, the more at peace you’ll become with being single.

1De-clutter your life

Move on and let go of the past. Get rid of all those mementos that cause you to wax nostalgic for your last relationship. De-clutter your house and put away the pictures of the two of you together. Clean out your closet. Get rid of his things. The physical act of getting rid of these items will allow you to get rid of the emotions that go along with them too.

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