Ab Cuts: Why does Kendra Wilkinson use it?

Kendra Wilkinson said she shed her post-baby weight thanks to the help of a weight-loss supplement call Ab Cuts. What is this weight-loss pill and is it effective and safe?

Kendra Wilkinson swears by Ab Cuts for weight lossMuch of the first season of Kendra Wilkinson’s E! reality show Kendra revolved around the former Playboy Playmate’s struggle to get back into shape after having her son, Hank Baskett IV.

Now, Wilkinson‘s lost the baby weight and she’s giving credit for her hot post-baby body to a weight-loss product called Ab Cuts.

What is Ab Cuts?

Ab Cuts, or full name Abdominal Cuts, is a weight-loss product that the company touts as a healthy supplement that can “assist with body-fat reduction (particularly in the abdominal area), healthy metabolism, antioxidant supply and anti-inflammatory assistance,” according to their website.

Revolution, the makers behind Abdominal Cuts, also says that the supplement contains natural, healthy oil that are “clinically-proven” to reduce body fat. The formula is designed to target fat cells in the stomach, hips and rear.

Is it healthy?

Ab Cuts is reportedly free of stimulants like caffeine, so it won’t make users jittery or irritable. The supplement comes in an easy-to-swallow capsule made with “liquid gel technology,” according to Revolution.

Ab Cuts is specifically made with Conjugated Linolenic Acid (found in meat and dairy,) Gamma Linolenic Acid (derived from the seeds of the evening primrose plant,) Alpha Linolenic Acid (found in Flaxseed Oil,) and DHA (found in Fish Oil) and Sesamin (an extract from sesame plant oil.) The ingredients are pretty commonly found in vitamin supplements, so the chances of it be dangerous to your health are less than other weight loss drugs containing stimulants.

Why dAb Cuts is Kendra Wilkinson's weight-loss wonder supplementoes Kendra use Ab Cuts?

The likely answer? She’s getting paid for it. She’s pitching this product big time — on her reality show, in celebrity gossip magazines and on her official Facebook and Twitter websites. She’s also making personal appearances at GNC stores for Abdominal Cuts, so there is about a 150 percent chance she’s getting paid for her endorsement.

However, she says it worked for her.

“I came across a health supplement a couple of weeks ago and, man, has this thing been working! It’s called Ab Cuts — I’d seen all these diet products before, but I didn’t want to poop all day with those weird cleanses, Ab Cuts is like a magic potion,” Wilkinson told Life & Style.

We’ll need to see a little more medically-proven evidence before we cough up $59.99 for a bottle of Ab Cuts. In the mean time, we’ll stick with exercise and our daily Fish Oil supplement.

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