5 Fitness trends for 2011

How will you meet your New Year’s resolutions in 2011? Maybe this is the year you resolve to take better care of yourself by taking a new approach to fitness. Fitness trend-watchers see plenty of opportunities. Check out the following five fitness trends for 2011 and learn ways you can make the coming year your fittest yet.

Fitness couple on computer

According to fitness professionals polled by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), fitness optimism abounds for the upcoming year. “After what has been a tough couple of years economically, things are looking up as far as the fitness industry is concerned,” said ACE’s chief science officer Cedric X. Bryant, Ph.D. Corporate wellness plans, kid-friendly fitness programs, small-group fitness, boot camp workouts and innovative programs such as suspension training offer enough options to keep everyone healthy and happy.

Fitness trend #1

Added-value wellness services

Results from your workouts depend largely on dietary habits. For this reason more gyms and clubs will be hiring health care professionals to help clients monitor their daily dietary intake and make changes where needed so they can reach their fitness goals.

Fitness trend #2

Stress-reduction offerings

De-stressing after a tough day at the office does more than make you feel better, it could stave off heart disease and hypertension. Expect to see more stress-reduction classes and programming at your local gym. Sign up for a class before work and start the day off on the right foot.

Fitness trend #3

Online motivational support systems

Getting in shape becomes much easier with supportive friends. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube will become increasingly popular. The online support will complement personal training sessions and provide motivation.

Fitness trend #4

Small-group workouts

Two’s company, three’s a small group. The social aspect of small-group training classes and cost-saving benefits makes this trend a keeper for the New Year. ACE predicts that boot-camp-style workouts and Zumba classes will remain popular, fun alternatives for getting in shape. TRX suspension and intense interval training classes will also likely continue to be in high demand.

Fitness trend #5

Youth-based fitness

Getting little Johnny off the couch will be easier with youth-focused classes. Schools and fitness centers will incorporate more exercise curriculum for kids with programs such as ACE’s Operation FitKids curriculum, which has recently been revamped and expanded with a new program targeting students in grades six through eight.

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