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Office romance: Is it worth the risk?

Cupid can often strike at work. When you spend all day long in the same office, you automatically have something in common. If you work long hours and late nights, then your chances of meeting someone outside work also decline. However before you dive into a full-fledged office romance, be aware of the risks.

Office romance

Office romance dos & don’ts

1Check your employee handbook

Does your company have a written policy against dating fellow employees? Some companies forbid it, while others require you report your relationship to human resources when a relationship begins. Even if there is not an official policy, consider the culture at your office. Are other employees dating? Is their relationship kept on the down-low or is it public knowledge?

2Don’t date your boss

Dating your boss or your subordinate is a recipe for disaster. It raises the risk for sexual harrassment claims and increases the chances that you co-workers will think you are getting preferential treatment. If you absolutely can’t resist dating your boss, start looking for another job.

3Be discreet

Whether dating co-workers is forbidden or not, you should be discreet. You don’t want to trigger a bad reaction from co-workers or clients. And if you break it off, you don’t want everyone to know all your personal business. Most people will start treating you differently if they know you are dating; so be as discreet as possible.

4Keep your head out of the clouds

While you are at work, concentrate on work. You don’t want to let your job performance suffer because you are flirting with your boyfriend or making plans for the weekend. Get your work done at the office and keep the romance at home.

An office love affair can actually work out wonderfully, if you are aware of the risks and handle yourself professionally while on the job.

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