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3 Ways to make board games sexy

Though you can buy sexy board games that are specifically designed for couples, you can also take any ordinary board game and turn it into a fun, sexy game by simply changing the rules or rewards.

sex it up with…



Sexy rule changes

A simple game of Monopoly can take on a sexy twist. Every time you land on “Free Parking,” your partner has to give you one free sexy favor. If you land in jail, then you must do anything your partner asks.

2Sexy rewards

Checkers is a childhood favorite but it can be loads of fun for adults too. Every time you win a game, your partner must do something sexy, whether it’s a hug, a kiss or something more is up to you.

3Sexy words

Scrabble, Boggle and other word games can take a sexy turn just by playing as usual, but limiting the acceptable words to only those words that are sexy, romantic or loving.

Sexy board games are a fantastic way to kick off a relaxing, romantic night at home together. Make up the rules and enjoy yourself!

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