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8 Ways to get ready for a date

Getting ready for date night can feel like a chore — one more thing to do in a long list of things to do. But, don’t forget: When it comes to romance, anticipation is half the fun! We’re celebrating everything boyfriends with Kate Walsh this month at SheKnows, and she has some fun tips to help you put the fun back into your date night prep!

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Rushing the experience

I wish I was going to say something here that would blow your mind, but I’m not. What can I tell you? I’m usually happy to have enough time off of work to even go on a date! And a lot of the time, because of my hectic schedule, it’s a spontaneous, last-minute thing. Usually I get there just in time for the waiter to say, “Would you like to hear the specials?”

Getting in the proper mood

But, in the spirit of Boyfriend Appreciation Month, I think we all should take our dating opportunities a little less for granted and celebrate the date, the boy — and our beautiful selves.

In the alternate universe where I have enough time to actually prepare for an evening out, here’s what I do — and what I recommend that you do, too:

1Take a cat nap.

With or without cats, napping is one of my favorite things to do. And you don’t need long: Twenty minutes will do — and it’s a brand new you.  (Look, I just rhymed!)

2Take a bath if you have time.

Showers are awesome, but baths are a relaxing and inexpensive luxury. Put on some music, pour a glass of wine and start your date early with a nice, warm bath. Just make sure to get out before you wrinkle up like a prune.

3Smell good.

Smell is really key to how we experience things, don’t you think? Make your favorite, most relaxing scents part of your date prep. Candles, soaps and lotions all can enhance your experience and help you get into the proper mode of romantic anticipation for your date.

Also, consider that how you smell will affect your boyfriend’s enjoyment and memories of his date with you. Carefully choose a fragrance you think will make him swoon (and pay close attention to his feedback; if he’s always telling you how good you smell to him, go with that). And maybe give my new Boyfriend perfume a try… hmm? 😉


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Keep makeup simple.

Remember: It’s makeup, not war paint. A little mascara, blush and lip gloss go a long way. Sometimes, in our anticipation of The Date, we can spend a dangerous amount of time in front of the mirror. Before you know it, you look like you’re ready to sing showtunes at a piano bar in New York, instead of sharing dinner with that special guy.

5Have an outfit picked out already.

Something my mother did when I was a kid was take Polaroids of her outfits. Crazy? Maybe. But she was a working mom and had to make the most of her time. I do the same thing because it saves time and prevents the last-minute indecision and anxiety attacks… sometimes.

6Shoes, shoes, shoes!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Addison Montgomery:  It’s all about the shoes. I always feel sexy in heels. Definitely wear a fab pair of heels for the evening. OK, maybe they’re a little uncomfortable, but if you’re just walkin’ from the car to a table, isn’t it worth the trip? (Oops, no pun intended!)

7Create your own soundtrack.

Music is a legal, mood-altering substance. I can be in the crappiest mood, but then I put on the right song, and suddenly, I’m riding a camel through the desert like Lawrence of Arabia. Not your scene? Create the soundtrack to your movie, and make it sexy and fun!

8Speaking of fun: Have fun!

It’s a date! Not therapy, not work, not a test. Take the pressure off, and have a little party for two!

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