Reasons why sleep is important

We live in a fast-paced world where decisions are made quicker than sending a text, so why deprive yourself one of the most nurturing rituals your body needs every night? Everyone knows that sleep is a necessity, yet so many of us cut down on the amount of hours we should be resting, all thanks to too much work and play. Here’s why you need to be getting some shut-eye this very second. 

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Great sleep means great sex

If candlelit dinners just don’t cut it in sparking the mood anymore, then it’s time to catch up on your rest. Let’s face it, when you’re tired, any task can seem like mission impossible, including getting it on. When you sleep for at least seven hours each night, you’ll easily regain your energy for any strenuous activity. And when you’re feeling alert, your libido will also get a much needed wake-up call.

2Sleep yourself slim

No matter how many hours you work out at the gym, you won’t achieve maximum results unless you get the necessary z’s every night. Numerous studies have shown that sleep plays a vital role in your hormonal activity, which affects your appetite and metabolism. According to several reports, those who sleep eight hours a day are likely to lose more body fat. That beats those pesky crash diets any day!

3Sleep your way to a younger you

The fountain of youth may not exist, but that doesn’t mean you can’t turn back time. Fight wrinkles the easiest way possible by achieving maximum rest and sticking with it. Not only will you feel rejuvenated, but you’ll also prevent drab locks and ghostly features. “A good night’s sleep will ensure that you awake refreshed, looking radiant and youthful,” stated anti-aging expert Dr. Nicolas Perricone on his 7 Deadly Sins of Skin Aging. “Adequate sleep is vital to avoid eye area puffiness and maintain vibrant skin. Sleep rebuilds energy reserves and regenerates the body as our cells undergo repair.”

4Sleeping promotes a healthier, happier life

Need some motivation to jumpstart your New Year’s resolution? Dream on! “Remember when you were a kid and you used to play outside for hours and your whole body would be exhausted when it was bedtime? Regular exercise can help you sleep because you are living ‘full out’ and when it’s time to sleep, your body is ready,” explains former health editor Sandra L. Bienkowski. Plus, while you’re doing cardio to fit into those skinny jeans, you won’t be thinking about the daily stresses that are keeping you up at night. Once you cool off and relax, your body will be ready for bedtime.

More ways to catch some quality shut-eye


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