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5 Hot wedding trends for 2011

What’s hot for 2011 weddings? We asked Jaclyn Fisher, wedding consultant and co-owner of Two Little Birds Planning, for her expert advice on the hottest wedding trends of the year.

Bride with vintage style

Wedding trends for 2011

Wedding trends for 2011Vintage touches

One of the top wedding trends for the upcoming year is vintage and retro-inspired with a modern twist. What’s old is new. We’ll see:

  • vintage wedding dresses with cap sleeves
  • beautiful textures
  • ornate details
  • natural settings, including outdoor and backyard weddings
  • photo booths (actual and set areas with draped-cloth backdrops)
  • vintage photography

Wedding trends for 2011Eco-friendly weddings

In 2011, we’ll continue to see more green, environmentally friendly weddings. Think second-hand and vintage wedding dresses, LED lighting, recycled paper invitations and programs, and food from local farms and providers. Charity donations will continue to be a popular option instead of traditional wedding favors, and more couples will be asking for donations to their favorite charity instead of wedding gifts.

Wedding trends for 2011Modern choices

The contemporary, modern wedding will still be big in 2011. Brides are opting for non-traditional dress choices, such as: beautiful hues instead of the usual white or ivory; old shoulder instead of strapless; and short cocktail dresses (the little white dress) instead of a long gown. This trend will continue through décor as well, with couples steering away from the customary 10-person round table and opting to mix table shapes and sizes. They are also incorporating bright and bold colors, cool lounge settings, and after parties; choosing cupcakes instead of a wedding cake; and letting color tie the bridesmaids together as they choose different styles of dresses.

Wedding trends for 2011DIY weddings

“Do it yourself” is another wedding trend we’ll continue to see next year. Originally brought on by the economy, this trend is here to stay because it not only saves money, but also adds a special something to the big day. Personalized touches and little details are very important; couples are incorporating their favorite interests, hobbies, places and even sports.

Wedding trends for 2011Social media influence

We’ll also continue to see social media play a part in the wedding planning process. Couples will keep guests informed through wedding websites and post updates about their excitement and plans on Facebook and Twitter. Posts such as “We booked the band today!” allow friends and family to feel like they are part of the planning.

What’s in and what’s out for 2011 weddings

Annie Lee, principal planner at Daughter of Design known for her high style and fresh ideas, offers these tips on what’s popular this year and what’s best left in wedding history. From the first dance to the photos, she knows what will make a lasting impression on your special day and in years to come.

Wedding Location

In: Untraditional event spaces like old foundries or industrial warehouses

Out: Barn weddings

Wedding Song

Rose gold wedding bands are a popular wedding trend for 2011

In: “Marry Me” by Train

Out: “YMCA”, “Celebration” and “We Are Family”

First Dance

In: Well choreographed first dance

Out: Fake out first dance


In: Airy, light fabrics like chiffon and tulle that has texture and movement that is more form fitted

Out: Heavy, satin ball gowns

Late-night Snacks

Food trucks after the reception are a popular wedding trend for 2011

In: Food trucks

Out: Candy buffet bars
(unless it’s Amy Atlas, that’s art!)


In: Short rib

Out: Filet mignon


In: Rose gold

Out: Platinum


In: Natural, true to life

Out: Fisheye lenses and special effect photo editing


In: An interior design approach creating more of a finely furnished feel

Out: Turn of the century vintage/flea market

Wedding Photos

In: Seeing each other before the ceremony and taking your photos before the wedding

Out: Missing your cocktail hour to go take pictures

Bride with long hairstyle and vailBride’s Hair

In: Leaving your hair down, natural with loose waves and body

Out: Updos with hard hairsprayed curls


In: Different colors and styles for bridesmaids to compliment their different body shapes and styles

Out: Same dresses for bridesmaids


In: Elegant shoes that compliment the formality of your suit/tux

Out: Casual shoes with tux/suit (like converse)

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Bride walking down the aisle: Photo by Sarah Neyhart Photography

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