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5 Unique date ideas

Variety is the spice of life. Tired of dinner and a movie? Check out these five unique date ideas from Laurie Davis, founder and CEO of the date coaching service eFlirt Expert.

Wine bar

1Where: The zoo

Why: Plenty of conversations starters are sure to keep the date flowing. Also, walking around and looking at exhibits gives you the opportunity to get flirty with your body language.

2Where: A street fair

Why: Weaving in and out of booths is a great way to see what you have in common. You get to show lots of personality and have fun, too, whether you’re trying on sunglasses or indulging in deep-fried Oreos for the first time.

3Where: Wine bars

Why: Wine bars inject an instant romantic-yet-casual ambiance into any date, providing the perfect, quiet atmosphere in which to get to know each other better. Besides, getting to know each other over a glass of wine is much more romantic than over beers at a pub.

4Where: Mini golf

Why: An activity gives you a common goal on a date. You can show off with a hole in one, or get some pointers on your swing from your partner. A game of mini golf is quick, and if things go well, you can enjoy a lemonade together afterward.

5Where: A place with a view

Why: Whether it’s from a rooftop hangout or a top-floor lounge, a view always makes a first date feel luxe. Both environments typically have casual seating areas, as well. Choose a couch rather than a table so you can send (and receive) a few messages via good body language.

Nothing spark your attention? Find the pefect date idea for any ocassion here!

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