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Get him interested in his appearance again

Telling a partner who has let himself go that he is neglecting his appearance is difficult. Follow these expert tips to get your man interested in looking good again.

Couch potato

We asked renowned dating experts Samantha Brett and Donna Sozio, authors of upcoming December book, The Man Whisperer (Adams Media), for expert advice on how to get your couch potato husband or boyfriend back on track.

Compare him to his hero.

Find out who his sports or Hollywood hero is. Next, find some photos of this person in a magazine looking well groomed. Casually mention that you saw a photo of his hero wearing this look, those jeans or that haircut, and tell your man that you think he could pull off that look even better.

Shop for him.

Next, do some sleuthing in his closet. Find out his size, then go shopping for him. Bring home one piece at a time; you don’t want to overload him. Casually say you were at the mall and you thought this would look hot on him. Don’t tell him you went shopping for him, because he might take that personally.

Start with the basics.

Buy him a few key pieces that all men need in a decent wardrobe: a hip t-shirt, dark stylish jeans, a sharp shirt, a modern sweater. Make sure these are pieces that he’ll actually like and are within his comfort zone.

Compliment him.

If his biceps might look extra sexy in the t-shirt you bought him, and his butt might look really cute in his new jeans, tell him. And be specific. Let him know how attracted to him you are when he makes an effort with his appearance.

Agree to disagree.

Tell him that you’ll shop for him and bring home pieces in which you think he’ll look amazing — and that he still has veto rights. If he doesn’t like it, you’ll take it back.

Make it about you.

Tell him you want to get back in shape and that you need his help. Say that exercising together motivates you. Or turn it into a competition (men love competition!) over a small, manageable goal such as who can lose five pounds first. Then, start another “get in shape” competition goal. He’ll feel so good about himself that he’ll never neglect his appearance again.

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