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3 Body language tips for dating

Your body language speaks loudly on a date. We talked to Maryann Karinch, co-author of Date Decoder (Adams Media), to find out how to use body language to convey the right message on a date.

Body talk

Say it without saying a word

1Get closer.

To demonstrate you trust him and want him to get closer, remove barriers. Don’t put your arm, drink or purse between the two of you. Open up!

Conversely, to keep him at a safe distance until you are sure you like him, put something between you. Even if you are sitting close, this expands your personal space.

2Stop fidgeting.

Little, nervous gestures such as rubbing fingers and twirling hair convey insecurity, and they ratchet up the other person’s tension.

If he’s fidgeting, find a topic to discuss that animates him and arouses his confidence. The fidgeting should go away as he connects more comfortably with you.

3Get adjusted.

Adjust your energy level so it fits with his. Of course, if he’s over the top or almost dead, then you probably don’t want to be in the same room with him anyway. And, take note: Is he respectful of your energy level? If you’re feeling good and ready to dance and he insists on sitting in a corner, end the date before it ends your mood.

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