Stop arguing, start appreciating

Sometimes, married couples fall into a cycle of arguing. The arguments aren’t usually major — just nagging and nitpicking about everyday issues. To break the argument cycle, you need to start appreciating your partner again. Follow these simple tips to get your relationship back on track.

Couple arguing

How to show your appreciation

1Say “thank you” three times a day, every day.

By verbalizing your thanks, he’ll feel appreciated, and you’ll realize the things that he does for you.

2Compliment your mate every day.

Concentrate on what you love about your partner, not the petty things that bug you. Like saying “thank you,” verbalizing compliments reinforces the positive things about your relationship. And in the big picture, does it really matter if he leaves his dirty socks on the floor?

3Reflect on what brought you together.

Take time out and talk about the special moments that you’ve shared in the past. Look through photo albums and talk about how you can rekindle that kind of romance and fun in the future. Make plans to do it!

4Date your spouse.

Sometimes, couples argue because of stress due to work, kids and other obligations. Escape from it all by dating again. Plan a date night for at least twice a month. Private couple time will allow you to reconnect again.

Resolve arguments with this tip from our love expert

In the heat of an argument it’s easy to get worked up and wonder to yourself what you ever saw in him. Dont’ let yourself get to that point — instead, take a tip from SheKnows Love Expert, Dr. Noelle Nelson. She advises us to build a love nest egg. Not the money kind (although that is a good idea) but the love kind. Find out what she means!

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