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Online dating: Finally meeting in person

You met online, and now you are ready to meet in person. Try these tips to make your first date successful.

First date

First date preparation

Tony DeRosso of offers the following tips:

1Dress to impress.

If you haven’t dated in a while, buy yourself some new clothes before you go out on your first date. Your confidence level will rise accordingly.

2Leave something to talk about.

When talking to someone you meet online, don’t spend hours upon hours talking on the phone or via instant messaging. Save some discovery for the actual first date, lest you run out of new things to talk about.

3Flattery might get you somewhere.

Compliments are nice; too many compliments is pandering.

4You should be nervous.

First-date jitters are completely normal — don’t take it as a bad thing. If you have fifth-date jitters, though, something might be amiss.

5Don’t string him along.

If you go out on a blind date or meet someone on the Internet and it just isn’t working for you, do the honorable thing and tell him or her as soon as possible.

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