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Wedding color trends: Violet & lemon yellow

Your wedding colors define the look of everything from your bridesmaids’ dresses to your centerpieces to your cake. For 2011 weddings, explore bright, amazing color combinations that make a big statement.

Violet and yellow - wedding colors

Violet & lemon yellow

Choosing your wedding colors can be difficult, given so many possible options and combinations. One of our favorite wedding color trends for 2011 is violet paired with lemon yellow. This is a fresh look for spring and summer weddings, but it can also work well into fall.

Use violet as your primary color and the bright lemon shade as the accent. For your flowers, you can mix colors or create a huge bouquet with just one shade. Though these colors are perfect for an outdoor wedding, they can well in any venue.

Other wedding color trends for 2011

  • Tangerine paired with sky blue
  • Apple green with cream
  • Mauve with olive
  • Turquoise with coral
  • Slate gray with lilac

Choosing your wedding colors

To see how different colors work together, visit You can create inspiration styleboards like the one above, mixing and matching different colors and images until you find the perfect look for your wedding. You can save your boards, share them on your blog or send them to a friend via email. You also can coordinate your colors with Pantone color swatches that you can share with all your wedding vendors.

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