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4 Date night ground rules

Setting aside time for date night with your spouse can really rejuvenate your relationship. Date night is especially nice for busy parents who don’t feel like they have enough couple time. Before you embark on date night with your man, lay down some basic ground rules.

Date night

Four unbreakable rules

1Turn off your phone.

For two or three hours one night a week, put away your Blackberry or iPhone and connnect with your partner instead of your electronics. In this day and age, all of us are guilty of texting during dinner or obsessively checking our email. But during date night, give your mate your undivided attention.

2Don’t talk about work.

Before you were married, you had plenty to talk about other than work and your kids. Reconnect again by avoiding these topics. Discuss a book you read recently, share a childhood memory that you never told your spouse before, or get a little racy and share your secret sexual fantasy.

3Choose a date night activity.

Date night doesn’t have to be just dinner at a restaurant. Take turns planning your date nights and choose activities you both enjoy. Sign up for a class together, take a short trip to a nearby town or just kick back and relax.

4Don’t break the date.

Treat date night like any other appointment on your calendar: Do your best not to cancel it. If you must break the date, reschedule immediately. If you don’t reschedule right away, you might end up skipping it altogether.

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