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Get a Dancing with the Stars body with ballroom dancing

Ballroom dance studios are taking advantage of the Dancing with the Stars craze by offering lessons to people from all backgrounds. Check out how you can dance your way to fitness!

Ballroom dance studios make great gyms!

Ever watch Dancing with the Stars and think to yourself “I could totally do that!”

We have too. There’s just something about the sparkly costumes, the sexy dance steps and hot partners that makes us want to strap on our dance shoes and hit the nearest dance floor.

Luckily, you can have the DWTS experience — right in your hometown! Ballroom dance lessons have exploded in popularity over the past few years – especially with the DWTS popularity.

Types of ballroom dance studio lessons

The availability of lessons will largely depend on the particular ballroom dance studio. Some ballroom dance studios will focus solely on one type of dance — the waltz, for example. Still, others will offer a full slate of lessons, depending on the demand.

Some studios will offer full-length classes that run over the course of weeks, while others will be one-off lessons. Normally, classes are meant for couples (so you have a ready-made partner) but there are also classes for individuals interested in learning.

How to find a ballroom dance studio

Your best bet is to check your Yellow Pages or do a web search to find a ballroom dance studio near you. You can also ask friends if they know of any lessons in your area.

Once you find a studio, make sure you talk to the instructor about your goals for learning ballroom dance. Wanting to learn for fun is different than wanting to learn for a wedding dance, for example.

Workout benefits of ballroom dance

Ballroom dance is both fun and a great workout. One hour of ballroom dance can burn up to 500 calories, according to Diet Bites. That’s a lot for something so fun. Take our advice — enroll in a ballroom dance class and punch your workouts up a notch.

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