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20 Ways to improve your love life

Romantic couple in snow

11Take your TV out of the bedroom.

Spending time in front of the TV keeps your attention off each other. Remove the television from your bedroom to open up free time to reconnect with your spouse without the distraction of Fox News, ESPN or Family Guy.

12Do something nice.

Sounds simple enough, right? Small things really matter. Wash his car for him. Pack him a lunch. Bake his favorite dessert. Do something nice for your partner to show your love.

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13Stop being jealous.

Be secure enough in your relationship to know he’s not stepping out on you. Let him have time with the boys without feeling jealous or suspicious. You might find that the less jealous you act, the more time he’ll want to spend at home with you.

14Learn more about your husband.

Even if you have been married for decades, you can still learn more about your partner. Check out the book All About Me for couples. It’s filled with thought-provoking questions to capture your relationship in a meaningful yet fun way.

15Engage in PDA.

You don’t need to make out in public, but you should certainly show your love. Hold hands, hug, kiss and compliment each other. These little public displays of affection show your spouse that you are proud and happy to be together.

Ways to improve your love life: Single girl

The rest of these resolutions are for those who are single and looking for a healthy, loving relationship.

16Have more dinner parties.

Dinner parties are a fantastic way to meet new people. Make it singles only. And for every person you invite, have her bring a single person you don’t know.

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17Refuse to deal with flakes.

If you meet someone new who doesn’t stack up, break it off. Love yourself enough to reject flakes and jerks.

18Get out more.

You can’t meet anyone if you never leave your apartment. This year, commit to getting out more and expanding your horizons. Do volunteer work. Take a class. Go on a singles cruise. Put yourself in the position to meet plenty of new people.

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19Break bad habits.

Do you smoke? Stop today. Tend to interrupt people? Become a better listener. Do a self assessment and break bad habits that are unhealthy or annoying.

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20Be determined to make this the best year of your life.

No matter if you are single or have been married for 20 years, set out to make 2011 your best year yet. Wake up each morning with a fresh attitude. Try to learn something new every day. And treat people (and yourself) with the love and respect they deserve.

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