Sponsored weddings: Tacky or practical?

With wedding costs on the rise, many couples are looking for unique ways to cut costs. One trend on the upswing: Sponsored weddings. With a sponsored wedding, some wedding costs are offset by permitting a business to advertise during the wedding reception and/or ceremony. Is it tacky to have a sponsored wedding? It can be.

Benefits of a sponsored wedding

Allowing a business (or several businesses) to advertise at your wedding can be a fabulous idea. The business benefits by advertising to a large group for less than the cost of traditional advertising. And the bride and groom (and their families) benefit by reducing wedding costs.

What can go wrong?

Wedding costs

The last thing you want is a tacky wedding, and too much advertising can be tacky. You need to find a balance between too much and too little. After all, the advertising has to be enough to be worth it for the business. Instead of large signage posted all around your reception hall, though, consider these sponsored wedding ideas:

  • A small sign on the cake table, DJ stand or on the vanity in the restroom
  • The sponsor’s logo and phone number on the back of cocktail napkins
  • Stacks of vendors’ or sponsors’ business cards on the guestbook table
  • A complete list of sponsors in small print on the back of your wedding program

How to get sponsors

Start with your wedding vendors. Don’t be afraid of rejection. Begin by asking for free services in exchange for sponsorship. If that doesn’t work, perhaps you can work out a significant discount instead.

Don’t stop with vendors. Local businesses may be interested in sponsoring your wedding as well. Consider your guest list and approach businesses that may want to advertise to this particular demographic. After you have secured each sponsor, write up a simple contract with the details of the arrangement to protect yourself.

You can’t please everyone

A sponsored wedding can be mutually beneficial to you and the advertisers. Keep in mind, though: No matter what you do, some guests will think it’s lacking class and taste. Don’t sweat it. It’s your special day, and you can’t please everyone. And the money you save with sponsorship can go toward an amazing honeymoon!

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