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5 Ways to re-fall in love

Remember when the very sight of your guy made you weak in the knees? The days when you completed each other’s sentences and sealed it with a kiss? The times when his best interest was always top of mind? If those days seem distant, don’t worry: You are not alone.

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Losing those warm and fuzzy feelings is easy as time rolls on and life becomes hectic or routine. But if you want a long and fulfilling marriage (of course, you do!), it is mission critical to keep those sparks alive.

Here are 5 ways to find and keep that loving feeling!



Write a love letter.

Put pen to paper and pour out your cheesy little heart into a sentimental love letter. Tell your sweetie why and how much you love him – what your life is like because he is in it, what you envision for the future, etc. Make sure you include all of your favorite things about him and about your relationship, and be as specific as possible: Details really feed a guy’s ego!

2Celebrate your successes — even the little ones!

A major component of a loving marriage is being each other’s biggest fan — acknowledging triumphs and efforts big and small. So next time your honey nails a pitch at work, his favorite baseball team wins a big game, he finally matches his brown shoes with his brown belt, or you two meet a monthly financial goal, uncork the champagne and toast to your success!

3have a Blast from the past.

Revisit all of your most special moments through stories, or better yet, through visits. Reenact your first date, proposal, even your first silly fight. Dance to your wedding song, recreate your honeymoon vibe, remember how you felt when you brought home your first child. Love is intrinsic to all of your precious memories, and when you transport yourself back to those times, you will fall back in love instantly.

4Surprise your spouse!

Surprises are indicators that you are still mindful of your honey after all these years — and in fact, the little surprises hold the most weight. So, pickup his favorite college beer and put it on ice for game day, unexpectedly wear the ridiculous sexy outfit he always begs you to wear that you can’t stand, or get the neighbor kid to mow the lawn so he doesn’t have to on his day off. Doing kind things unexpectedly shows your husband that you have him top of mind and heart!

5Re-up the romance.

Just because you swapped “I do’s” and maybe even popped out a few kids doesn’t mean that your courting days are over. Consider romantic dates. Think rose petal baths and sunrise picnics. Consider romantic gestures such as packing an “I love you” note in his briefcase. Eventually, he will catch romance fever and begin returning your sentiments.

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