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Do you know how to flatter your man?

Do you know how to flatter your guy? Take this quiz to see if you know a guaranteed way to make your guy beam (and think you’re wonderful at the same time!).

Flattering Your Man Quiz

Do you…

1. Deck yourself out in Victoria’s Secret’s latest “oh-baby-oh-baby” number

2. Make his favorite eye-bulging hot chili

3. Enthusiastically watch (and cheer) his favorite sport the entire time he’s watching

4. Praise him in public


Flattering Your Man Quiz Results

If you answered “yes” toto numbers 1, 2 and 3 — your guy is probably beaming pretty much all the time already. However, if you answered “yes” to number 4, not only is your guy beaming, he is also impressed with his choice of you as a mate, loving you for it, and likely to feel the positive effects on his self-esteem far longer than the effects of Victoria Secret’s latest, the chili, or the ball game.

How to praise and flatter your man

When you enhance your man’s positive self-esteem, you make it possible for him to love you more. You see, deep down, what our guys want, is to be our Prince, our Knight in Shining Armor, our Hero – not the lowly toad he too often thinks he is in your estimation. You know, like when you say “What do you mean you forgot to get milk/cash/gas?” “You’re wearing that?” “You didn’t get promoted — again?”

When you praise him, he’s reassured that he’s worthy of your love. He rises in status from lowly toad to, well, something better. That matters a lot to your guy! When you praise him in public — whoa! Now you’ve made it known to all that you think highly of him. Your praise doubles in value.

Think for a moment of the importance of public tributes: the Oscars, an Olympic medal, a company award. When we make public our approbation, the recipient is honored far and wide. And that feels mighty good.

Even if the “far and wide” is your backyard, when you praise your husband’s barbeque to your guests “Doesn’t John make the best ribs ever!” you have raised him in the eyes of all. What a gift! Watch him beam…

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