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Over-the-counter orgasms

If you are too shy to head to your local sex shop, don’t worry. Many products are available at the drugstore or over the Internet that will help you achieve orgasm and improve your sex life.

Couple in bed with condom


Ribbed condoms

Condoms are a must for safe sex, and fortunately, a number of companies have created condoms with women in mind. Look for condoms that are ribbed, curved, dotted and otherwise enhanced for maximum stimulation and your ultimate satisfaction. Check out the selection of condoms from Durex. With so many textured condoms to choose from, you’ll want a box of each.

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Whether you have an issue with vaginal dryness or not, lubricant can provide slippery fun. Lubes come in a variety of formulas, some well suited for use with sex toys and others better for anal play. You can find lubricants at your neighborhood drugstore, or discreetly from online shops.

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Vibrators can be a whole lot of fun, whether you are alone or with a partner. Many women can’t achieve an orgasm from vaginal sex, so a good vibrator is essential. You have probably heard of the Rabbit. If you haven’t bought one yet, check out the selection from the company’s official online shop. For vibrating fun for both partners, consider the Play Vibrations Connect from Durex. This is a ring that slips over his penis and provides shared pleasure for both of you.

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Edible massage oil candles

Fill the room with Wicked Wax candles. These must-have candles provide romantic light, and when the soy wax melts, it becomes warmed edible massage oil. Nothing is a bigger turn-on that a sensual all-over rub down. You can order these massage oil candles from a number of online retailers, including

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Arousal gel

Guys aren’t the only ones who need a little help to get aroused every once in a while. While your man is popping Viagra, reach for a little arousal gel, which helps women get in the mood by stimulating their erogenous zones. The gels are silky, never sticky, and some are designed to help intensify a woman’s climax. Consider K-Y INTENSE Arousal Gel for Her and Durex Play Utopia Female Arousal Gel to get into the mood and have a lot of fun.

These aren’t the only sexual enhancers that you can find online and over the counter. Lots of other items can be used to improve your sex life, including feathers, blindfolds, handcuffs and paddles for light bondage, as well as butt plugs, anal beads and strap-on dildos for anal exploration. Whatever your fantasy, you can find what you need without going far (and without being disgusted by seedy sex shops!).

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