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5 Tips to de-stress into your best orgasm

Having a great orgasm may seem like a dream to many women and it is no wonder that this is the case. These days, women are pulled in every direction and having an orgasm ranks pretty low on your list of priorities. Having a mind-blowing orgasm doesn’t have to be a fantasy, though. Read on for five tips to help you de-stress into an amazing orgasm tonight.

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1Get in the mood and be creative

In order to orgasm, your mind and body must be relaxed, and by getting in the mood ahead of time, you’ll be halfway there. Take a bubble bath, put on sexy lingerie, and listen to your favorite music to help you unwind. Rushing isn’t good either so if you have the time, slow down and enjoy each other before getting to the main event. Some couples find it helpful to explore a little and try something new such as a massage. If you are too stressed to orgasm, try giving your partner little kisses on erogenous zones that are often left ignored. The inner thighs, back of the neck, and shoulders are perfect places to start.

2Be in the moment

How many times have you been with your partner and your mind has been somewhere else? You probably didn’t have an orgasm, right? An orgasm won’t happen if your mind is stuck on your kids, the housework, or your job. Concentrate on the moment, allowing the pleasure to build on its own without worrying about the end result. Try to bury distracting thoughts that pop into your head and focus on how your partner is making you feel. You can worry about life after you orgasm.

3Have a glass of wine

Between work, kids, and maintaining a household, you are already stretched thin and having an orgasm may be the last thing on your to do list. Being able to relax is easier said than done, but it is not impossible. To help you unwind, try having a glass of wine with your partner before heading to the bedroom. Your body and mind will become more relaxed, which will help you to be in the moment.

4Don’t panic if you don’t always reach orgasm

Our bodies are not machines and real women are not like women in adult movies. Real life gets in the way sometimes. We may be too tired or distracted to orgasm and that is okay! Don’t set unattainable goals for yourself because most likely, you’ll fall short. Instead, focus on the experience and the intimacy with your partner and let everything else happen naturally.

5Keep lines of communication open

Let your partner know that you stress out and it prevents you from reaching orgasm. Show your partner what you like and achieve it by working together. If something doesn’t feel good, speak up. Also, have sex when both of you are relaxed enough to enjoy it. Be vocal about what time of day is best for you because there is nothing worse than having sex when you are dead tired or just not interested. By being open with each other, both partners will end up more fulfilled and that’s the whole idea, right?

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