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Top tips for being successfully single

Being sans beau isn’t always easy. Watching paired-up pals happy in love while you’re alone (and don’t want to be) can get tough. Being single isn’t all bad, though — and hey, it’s better than being with the wrong guy. Here’s a list of great tips to help you make the most of your single life.

Single woman on vacation in Paris



Embrace it.

The worst thing you can do when you’re single is mope about it. The more bummed you are about being on your own, the less likely it is that you’ll meet someone. Try your best to build a positive outlook about your situation. Being single isn’t a curse; rather, it’s an opportunity to spend more time doing all the things you love without having to worry about someone else’s opinion. Plus, being single means a lot more time with your BFFs, which is never a bad thing.

2Focus on yourself.

Use your single time to focus on bettering yourself. Renew that expired gym membership, brush up on your Spanish or German that bordered on fluent before you got too busy to practice, or redecorate your apartment in your favorite colors and patterns. Make your solo status all about you. You deserve to be happy, and you don’t need a man to make you smile.

3Catch up with friends and family.

If you’re fresh out of a relationship, chances are you spent more time with your guy than with your friends or family. Use this time to get back in touch with the people you love — and who love you back. Have brunch with your mom, book a weekend winery tour with your sister and take your girlfriends up on their invite to go dancing. Trust us: Getting back into your social circle will make you feel a million times better than wallowing alone on the couch.

4Set a goal — and achieve it.

Now is your chance to do something just for you. Have you always wanted to take a solo vacation to Europe? Save up and book that trip! Or maybe you’ve always wanted to learn to how to knit or landscape your backyard. Now is the time to focus on something you’ve always wanted to do.

5Discover what you really love.

Being in a relationship, while often lovely, can be stifling. We tend to like what our men like — be it food, music, vacation choices or home décor — and this makes it surprisingly easy to forget what we truly like. Being single allows you to rediscover your own likes and dislikes. Take some time to listen to music you’ve never heard, eat at restaurants you’ve never visited, and shop in stores you’ve never noticed. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much fun discovering new loves can be.

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