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Top 10 reasons you need a BFF

Sure, having a guy is great, but boys aren’t everything (even if they’re cute and make you breakfast in bed). Maintaining ties with your BFF makes life fun — and she offers things your guy just can’t. Here are just some of the ways a best girlfriend makes life better.

Two friends



She offers a fresh perspective.

It’s easy to get so stressed out that you can’t find your way out of a negative situation. A BFF can offer you a new perspective on a problem that feels impossible to solve. Sitting down over pizza and a bottle of red to hash out whatever it is you’re stuck on can provide new ideas and solutions.

2She just gets it.

Girls just get things that guys don’t. A guy who listens to all your problems and offers advice is great, but some things are better left for girl talk. Period pains, sex questions and fashion faux pas are topics that you’re probably more comfortable discussing with your BFFS than your beau.

3She knows how to have frivolous fun.

Sometimes, you just want to giggle over celebrity gossip, read fashion magazines or watch The Devil Wears Prada for the 14th time. These are activities best done in the company of your best girlfriends. Trust us: Forcing your guy to watch Bridget Jones’ Diary is a lot less fun than watching with your BFFs.

4She’s a great sounding board.

When you have a big decision to make, if you’re freaked out about something, or if you’re just feeling down but don’t know why, talking to your BFF about it can make you feel so much better.

5She’ll shop with you happily.

Most men hate shopping. It’s no fun dragging your guy around the mall as he whines, complains and threatens to leave you at the GAP if you don’t hurry up and choose a sweater. Your gal pals will let you try on as many sweaters as you want and then go back around the mall six more times to make sure you haven’t missed anything that might look better.

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