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Keep up your dating stamina

1Get a dating buddy.

Ever get tired of your workout regimen? We all have, and the perfect remedy for it is a workout buddy. A dating buddy can work the same way. Simply enlist a single girlfriend; you will encourage each other to get off your booties on Saturday nights, re-sign up for online dating, start wearing makeup again and so on — whatever it takes to stay motivated to date.

2Create a success chart.

Develop small, measurable goals — flirting with three guys per week, signing up for online dating, putting together five new date outfits, letting 10 people know you are “on the market” and so on. Write these down, and when you check one off, celebrate! Celebrating small successes will keep you motivated.

3Hire a dating coach.

Remember when you sucked at geometry, so your mom hired a tutor to keep you on track to avoid failing? A dating coach can provide the same help — only this subject matter is a lot more fun. A dating coach can offer many services, from helping you overcome your personal dating blocks to creating a killer online profile. Plus, she will hold you accountable to your dating goals to ensure you succeed.

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