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First impression tips

When first meeting you, a man has his eyes wide open, evaluating your every move. From your look and how you rock it, to what you say and what you don’t – and virtually everything in between – he’s paying just as close attention to you as you are to him. He’s taking mental notes to determine if you are date eligible. Here, as described by the guys themselves, are the biggest turn-ons and turn-offs that make the difference between a good first impression and a bad one.

Couple on date

Physical dos & don’ts

1Dress the part you want to play

“A guy analyzes your entire outfit, including its fit. Know that what you wear and how you wear it will be an indication of how a guy will treat you. Dress sexy, not slutty. Leave something to our imagination.” – Mike, 27, Tulsa

2Sit on your hands if need be

“Hair twirling and putting on lipstick in front of me drive me crazy. It is a sign that they are either shallow or really insecure. I like a woman who is confident and fidgety says the exact opposite.” – Grant, 32, Seattle

3Depart memorably

“Give a guy a firm hug and a nice kiss on the cheek at the end of your encounter. This will keep him focused until you meet up again.” – Romeo, 34, Phoenix

Verbal dos & don’ts

4Zip it

“A woman who blabs on and on will never get a date with me, especially the ones that drone on about themselves. A conversation should be balanced. If not, all I am reminded of is my nagging mother.” – Gabe, 33, San Antonio

5Save the interview for an interview

“Girls often treat a first meeting like a press conference – as if they are filtering out prospects as fast as possible. That feels really unnatural, [and] by the third question, I just filter her out. When you first meet someone, it should feel organic.” – Jalen, 26, Los Angeles

6Temper the debates

“I love a good spirited conversation, but a woman who starts arguing with me the first time I meet her is a big turn-off. This shows that she is overly aggressive and perhaps way too competitive.” – Steve, 35, Boston

7Remember your pleases and thank yous

“The number-one way to end my fantasies of being with you is by being impolite. I mean, come on: Is it really that hard to say ‘thank you’ when I buy you a drink or score you a seat at the bar?” – Justin, 29, New York

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