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10 reasons you need a life plan

Happy woman in 40s

6Eliminating your weak spots will strengthen your self-belief

Once your weak spots are pointed out, and as you start to correct them, your belief in yourself will grow. Obviously essential to the life plan is your unwavering belief that you can do it.

7Having strength and belief means having calm

When things are uncertain, your mind can run around like a decapitated chicken, pushing anxiety levels up. When things are clear and written down, you can let those anxieties and nervous thoughts go. Calm and tranquility ensue.

8A well-devised plan gets results

Plans are all about getting results. It’s so much easier to accomplish things once you know what it is you’re trying to accomplish. Statistically, you are going to be much better off in whatever you do if you’ve set out a plan to get it.

9Failing in your plan leads to learning

If things don’t work out, change the plan. This is what education is all about. You have directions and you have plans but they can change. Realize that failing and learning is a part of it.

10Ultimately: Happiness

Yes, it all comes full-circle with No. 10. This is why you are creating a life plan – why you are doing anything in life. Always keep your eye on the ball – the ultimate goal is happiness. If the goal of the plan is happiness and you have a plan, you’ve just significantly increased your chances of attaining it.

Remember, a plan is only made for important things. And your life is really important. Get going on your life plan and work it out as if you’re starting some major project. What do you want, why do you want it, and what – in as much detail as you can imagine – do you need to do? When you get serious about it, no one will be laughing at you.

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