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Top 5 embarrassing sex question answered!

“Does my vagina smell OK?” “Is it OK to fantasize?” Some sex topics are too mortifying to ask your doctor or even your best friend. We found the answers to embarrassing sex questions to save you the grief.

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Your sex questions answered



What determines how you smell “down there”?

The vagina is self-cleansing, say NineMSN health experts; lactic acid keeps it healthy. At certain times in your cycle, you may produce stronger smells than others. If it’s a particularly strong or stinky scent, however, you may have an infection, so call your doctor.

2Is there any way to cut down on noises you make during sex, such as the “vaginal flatulence” that sometimes occurs?

“Queefing” occurs when air gets trapped in the vagina and then escapes, according to Australia. Some positions, such as “doggy style,” make this more likely to happen, as do really hard thrusts — so if your noises are really getting to you, try being on top or using the missionary position instead.

3A lot of modern porn shows couples engaging in vaginal sex, then switching to anal or oral afterwards or in between. Is this ever safe to do in real life?

You should always wipe body parts clean and change condoms when moving from vaginal to anal sex, vaginal to oral sex, etc. This will prevent bacteria from your mouth, anus or vagina from getting into other areas and causing infection.

4I found my partner’s porn stash. The actresses in most of the videos look the exact opposite of me. Should I worry that he’s not into me ?

Porn is largely about fantasy, as is evidenced by its vast array of categories. It’s like the World of Warcraft of sex: It’s about extreme things you wouldn’t see in real life. A man may pore over an actress’s massively large breasts on screen but would have no idea what to do if he actually encountered them; he might even be turned off by their largeness. Sometimes, porn is less about sexual arousal and more about looking funny, grotesque or shocking — like when you’re unable to look away from a horrendous car crash.

Your boyfriend may get turned on by these women because they are different, but that doesn’t mean he wants them in real life. If he’s with you, he wants you.

5How normal is fantasizing about someone else during sex? When is it a problem?

Around 50 per cent of women and 75 per cent of men fantasize during sex with their partners, according to It can be a healthy way to get aroused and maintain an active sex life, and it doesn’t mean you don’t love your partner.

Fantasy becomes a problem when it interferes with your ability to connect with your real-life lover. You shouldn’t need to imagine someone else to get off. Try focusing on your partner during the act by looking into his eyes and touching his face, shoulders or back. The contact will help you feel more present during sex.

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