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5 Ways to get your body ready for the beach

With summer around the corner, you’ve probably been gazing in the mirror and willing your tummy, thighs and bottom to tone up. Unfortunately, getting a hot beach body is going to take a bit of effort on your part. We’ve made it easier by finding some workout moves to sculpt you and diet tips to slim you down faster than you can say “Wollongong.”

Beach ready body

Do cardio three days a week

Aim to do 30 minutes of cardio activity three days a week to get your bod bikini-ready. Cardio can get your metabolism going to shed any unwanted flab. The best cardio exercises include running, biking, walking or swimming. If you opt to stroll your calories away, hold your abs tight while you walk for added belly-blasting benefit.

Resistance-train to shape up

Add the words “squats” and “lunges” to your vocabulary to work your legs, butt and core. To do lunges, stand with your feet together, step forward with one foot (or out to the side, if doing side lunges) and slowly lower your body into a lunge position. Maintain a 90-degree angle with your knee above your ankle. Slowly push back up to the starting position from your heel.

Perform a squat by standing with feet hip-distance apart and slowly lowering your body until your butt is in line with your knees, if possible. Slowly push back up to the starting position from your heels. Do one to three sets of 10 reps for each move to prepare your body for the beach.

Ditch white carbs

White flour-based breads, pasta and rice tend to go straight to your waist and will prevent you from having a hot beach body. Trade them in for brown, whole wheat versions. You can eat some red meat, but your belly won’t feel as heavy if you also regularly consume turkey, chicken or fish. Also, remember to avoid salt, as it can make your belly bloat.

Reduce cellulite

The good news is, if you’re following our previous tips, you’re already combating the dimples on your derriere. A good diet, sufficient exercise and plenty of water boost circulation in the connective tissue, minimize waste deposits and decrease fat cells, making your bumps look less bulgy. The result: A body that’s bikini-ready.

While there’s no proof anti-cellulite creams work, the act of massaging them into your skin stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage. Moisturizing your skin with products featuring fruit acids or vitamin A can reduce the ripples on your rump.

Hide stretch marks

Whether you got them from an adolescent growth spurt, post-college weight gain or pregnancy, stretch marks can put a damper on your sunny day at the beach. While they may never fade completely, sunless tanning treatments in spray or cream form can help cover up stretch marks. Some water-resistant body makeup that matches your skin tone can do the same. If those remedies don’t appeal to you, buy a cute boy short bathing suit cut to hide marks on your upper thighs and bum to prepare your body for the beach.

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