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10 Fitness quick tips

Sure, going to the gym or waking up before the kids for an early morning run will help you burn calories, get toned and slim down, but there are so many other unconventional ways to get in shape. Even when your schedule is beyond jam packed, you can sneak in fitness while dominating your busy agenda. Here are 10 fitness quick tips you can use right away.

Woman walking up staircase

1Multitask your tush.

Whether you’re on a conference call at work or on the phone at home, don’t just sit or stand there; tighten up your tush. From hip extensions to squats, you can fit in a few sets before you end your conversation. If your phone calls happen to be stressful, doing some physical activity is a great way to decrease the tension mounting in your bod.

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2Take the stairs .

The elevator at work or at the mall may be a nice convenience, but taking the stairs will strengthen your heart, burn extra calories, and tone your entire lower body. If you have stairs at home, take every opportunity to scale them. Make it fun by chasing your kids up to their rooms.

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3Go face to face.

Technology has certainly increased efficiency and productivity at work and home, but it also has given us the excuse to let our fingers — not our legs — do the walking. Though calling your coworker in the cubicle across the room is fast and easy, getting out of your chair and walking to her desk burns more calories and gives you a few minutes to stretch your legs (and exercise your face-to-face personal skills).

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4Double-duty your family time.

Physical activity is a key factor in keeping you and your kids fit and trim. With kids becoming more technologically dependent (adults, too), disconnecting from the computer and game console is important for the health of your entire family. Play hide and seek in the house, walk your kids to school, take your bikes to the grocery store, and find other ways to get your kids active while spending time together.

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5Stay cool and hydrated.

You should already be aiming for eight 8-ounce glasses of water every day, but taking icy-cold sips can help you burn more calories. Research shows that drinking cold water actually enhances weight loss. Best yet, staying well hydrated will help you beat that afternoon energy slump and boost your skin health. Drink up!

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