10 Flirting moves that work

Flirting at gym

6Talk about sports.

A hot woman who knows about sports is a guy’s dream. Brush up on your sports knowledge and then take your flirting game to a sports bar or sporting event. Just a few (correct) observations about his favorite team will get his motor running.

7Rub your shoulder.

Rub your shoulder or neck like you have a crick, then just sigh. If he’s interested, he’ll find it sexy and probably offer you a quick massage. While he’s massaging, be sure to compliment him on his strong hands.

8Laugh a little.

Laugh at his jokes if they are funny; be a little sarcastic if they aren’t. He’ll enjoy the banter. Relax and laugh a little, but don’t laugh at everything he says or try to be a comedian yourself. Just act natural and comfortable.

9Have a line.

Corny lines actually work sometimes. Ask if you can have a look at his cell phone. After giving it the once-over, say, “It’s pretty nice, but it’s missing one thing” — which is, of course, your number. At least, you’ll get a laugh. At best, you’ll have given him your number.

10Be straightforward.

Sometimes, the best flirting move is the boldest one. Being straightforward is especially effective if you are looking for a one-night stand. Place your hand his knee, make direct eye contact and tell him he’s hot. If he’s interested, you’ll be between the sheets before you know it.

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