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10 Flirting moves that work

Flirting is fun and sexy. It boosts your self esteem and makes you feel good. Whether you flirt just for fun, for a relationship or for a one-night stand, try these flirting strategies that work.

Couple flirting




It seems obvious, but one of the best moves is a big smile. Do you smile enough? Practice smiling in the mirror — your smile needs to get noticed. For the most impact, it should be a genuine smile, not forced. Make sure your teeth are white and your breath is fresh.

2Hold eye contact.

See that cute guy across the room? One of the best ways to let him know you are interested is to get caught looking. Look him up and down, stare and wait until he notices. Then, make eye contact and hold it until it’s almost uncomfortable, then look down and away.

3Make “accidental” contact.

Touch is powerful. Touch his back as you walk by his desk. Brush his hand as you sit at the bar. Touch his shoulder briefly when you are introduced. If he’s interested, he’ll welcome this type of non-intrusive touching. If you feel him pull away, don’t do it again.

4Do the foot jiggle.

The dating advice book, Love in 90 Days: The Essential Guide to Finding Your Own True Love, suggests the foot jiggle move. And it works. While sitting down, cross your legs and then jiggle your foot in his direction. If he’s interested, he’ll get it.


At a crowded party or club, where everyone is yelling to be heard, lean in and whisper. It’s a great excuse to get closer. Whisper softly, so he’ll have to lean in even closer to hear you. After a few minutes of intimate whispering, don’t be surprised if you hear, “Do you wanna get out here?”

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