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5 Tips for being bolder in the bedroom

Falling into a routine can be easy when it comes to sex. No matter how hot and heavy your first few months together were, bedroom boredom can set in when you least expect it. Instead of sitting around waiting for something to change, take responsibility for some romantic reinvention. We’ve come up with some inspired ideas for boosting your boudoir confidence so you can be bolder in the bedroom.

Woman wearing lingerie and heels

1Bare it all.

If you want to get his attention — and make your intentions known without saying a word — take it all off. That’s right: Lose the layers and embrace your birthday suit for a bold way to show him you’re in the mood.

2Tell it like it is.

One of the best ways to be bolder in the bedroom is to open up about what you like — and don’t like. Sex is a two-way street, and both parties should enjoy themselves. You might feel embarrassed or intimidated at first, but once you get over the initial fear of speaking up about what turns you on, it will get easier every time.

3Make the first move.

If you’re always the one waiting for someone else to lead the way into the bedroom, now’s your chance to switch things up. There is nothing wrong with initiating intimacy, and it can be liberating to know that you don’t have to wait for your man to make a move. Sure, it can feel a bit strange to be the one doing the leading (rather than being led), but being bold boosts confidence and can set the tone for a great time.

4Dress up for the occasion.

Sometimes, all it takes to be bolder in the bedroom is to adopt a different persona. Instead of hanging around the house in sweats (comfortable but not particularly sexy), play dressup. Put on a pair of heels, your best bra and laciest underwear, or don that little black dress that always makes you feel like a million dollars. Either way, skip the pajama pants in favor of something that makes you feel bold, brash and beautiful.

5Catch him off guard.

One way to show him — and yourself — that you can take charge in the bedroom is to go for the element of surprise. Whether first thing in the morning, right after he gets home from work or before a big night out, pull him aside when he least expects it. Trust us: He will be pleasantly surprised, and you’ll feel empowered by your spontaneity.

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