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Buy a sex toy in 6 easy steps

Many couples find themselves looking to spice up their sex lives, and toys are a great way to start. Sometimes, however, the biggest obstacle is working up the courage to walk into an adult store! Visiting and navigating an adult store for the first time is scary, but there are ways to make it more comfortable, not to mention tons of fun.

Sex shop

1Partner up.

Decide if you’d feel more comfortable going with a close girlfriend or your partner. Think it through! You might want to surprise your partner, or you might want to choose some terrific items together.

2Be comfortable.

Locate a store that’s not in a terribly seedy part of town. If you don’t even feel safe walking from your car to the front door, it won’t bode well for a fun time.

3Make a budget.

This is not a joke: If you really want to have a great time when you get home, you don’t want to be struggling with buyer’s remorse because you spent too much. There’s great fun to be found at every price point.

4Talk it out.

Before you go anywhere, chat it up. Start by asking your closest girlfriends what toys they prefer. Choosing the right toy for you is really dependent on how sensitive you are. If your anatomy is very sensitive, be sure to opt for a toy that has variable speeds so you can adjust the pressure to suit your needs.

5Go with e-commerce.

If you want to avoid the whole sex toy store experience, shop online. This method is safe, very informative and private. Even if you choose not to buy online, doing Internet research about toys can give you a level of comfort in asking the right questions when you venture into a brick and mortar store.

6Have fun!

It’s perfectly normal to be nervous the first time — but once you go, you may find yourself perpetually looking for excuses to return.

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