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Quick cures for embarrassing health problems

At some point, we all develop a health problem we’d rather not talk about. You know, icky things like foot fungus, nail problems or bad breath. To help you out and keep your embarrassing conditions under wraps, we popped by the local drugstore to find the best products to cure those uncomfortable-to-talk-about health issues. Tried and tested, we’ve got your embarrassing health needs covered, but as always, we suggest that you talk to your doctor to make sure these remedies are right for you.

Embarassed woman

Embarrassing health issues

1Weird weight gain

No one really wants to admit to their friends they’ve actually gained weight. Sure, complaining about a few pounds is normal, but it never feels good. Which is where Mirafit comes in. The new product was just approved in Canada as an all-natural way to maintain weight and keep this uncomfortable health issue at bay. It contains FBCx fiber, a soluble dietary fiber that, when consumed with a meal with moderate to high fat content, blocks the body’s absorption of fat. For this SheKnows writer, the product really worked; it helped me lose the last five pounds I’ve been struggling with for over four months.

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2Bad breath

This problem can really affect the way you interact with friends, family and co-workers, and can even ding your self-esteem. A surefire solution is to purchase a gentle, bacteria-killing toothbrush, since bacteria are one of the major causes of bad breath. The winner for me was the Philips Sonicare FlexCare+ power toothbrush. It has a setting specifically for gum care as well as one to use on sensitive teeth (both problems for this writer). And it comes with a UV light – which busts bacteria that get trapped in the brush itself, which can also cause bad breath.

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3Losing your memory

If you find yourself forgetting appointments or missing birthdays, it could be a sign that a) you’re too busy; b) you’re too stressed; and c) you’re aging. Thank goodness there are products on the market that can help with this sort of normal but embarrassing memory loss. Take Swiss Natural Solutions, for example. They have a great line of supplements that helps boost brainpower throughout the day. Called Memory, the combination of natural ingredients kept me alert and on the ball, even during the most hectic of weeks.

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4Nail fungus

Make no mistake, developing a skin or nail infection is no fun, but it is a common occurrence for women, especially during the summer, when humid weather and damp surfaces (think pools and showers) become breeding grounds for bacteria. The solution is a simple yet gentle anti-fungal liquid. While a few of these products burned my skin, FungiCure did not, and it kept my nails free of fungus or yellowing between manicures and pedicures. It also came with a convenient applicator brush, is non-greasy and contains a touch of aloe and vitamin E to cool and soothe skin post-use.

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What you saidIt’s nice to know the cures for a few of our embarrassing health issues are as close as the local drugstore. Let us know which health products have worked wonders for you. We’re always on the lookout for effective over-the-counter remedies.

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